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Логотип яхтенной компании Sail Band


Leave a request for training and receive a set of textbooks for free

Yacht training in Montenegro on new yachts, IYT program

International certificates, fair price without hidden surcharges

Seaman practice - 14 days, including a training passage to Italy

We train for knowledges and skills, we do not trade with certificates

Standard price

1780 €

1680 €

For those gone through the theory

1780 €

1480 €

Leave a request for training and receive a set of textbooks for free


To become a skipper and get the right to operate a sailing yacht, you need to train in the sailing school and pass the exam. Almost like with a car.This will allow you to rent a sailing yacht anywhere in the world, to boat your family and friends, and visit places about which you did not even guess existed. The borders of the world will extend, and the format of your travels will move to a qualitatively new level.However, not everything is as simple as it seems. The yacht is not a car, but the sea is not asphalt, you will not stop at the roadside.  There is meaningless to buy a skippers certificate - Poseidon is not a traffic policeman, and you cannot be brush off with a "sheepskin" from him.The training process is complex and requires total dedication and concentration from both the instructor and the student. In what educational institution did you study for real, without freebies and truancy? School? The Institute? Forget it. Sailing school - this is the place where you should not to go if you are not intends to receive a "cum laude degree".

We are ready to train you. Are you ready to study?

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Лицензия VHF radio operator фото

This is how your skippers certificates after the successful passing of the exam will look


Лицензия яхтенной школы фото


Having the official status of the IYT sailing school, we issue skippers certificates, which are recognizing all over the world. With these certificates, you can rent a yacht or in Greece, or in Thailand, even in the Caribbean.

Check us on the IYT website

Яхта яхтенной школы Sail Band


Training takes place on new yachts Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 439 Premier. This is a modern cruise vessel, which you can meet in any good charter company worldwide. You need to study on that, with what you will have to sail in the future.

View our yachts

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Excellent waters in the Adriatic Sea - bays, gulfs and ancient cities, there is much to see. Close at hand to Italy, Greece, Croatia and Albania, where we regularly organize sailing adventures.

Инструктор яхтенной школы


Truly competent persons - practicing yachtsmans, which are regularly sail and the sea is always in them's heart. The instructor will not miss any of your mistakes during the training process, will correct and force you to remember.


Briefly, the training process looks like this: Theory -> Practice -> Exam


You have the opportunity to choose the most preferable option of studying the theory:

Self-study of theory

Яхтенная теория фото

we will send you a set of textbooks for self-study


from 2 weeks to 2 months


There is no need to adjust to the schedule, but it requires self-discipline - you choose the most convenient time to study


you are alone - neither to ask nor have a talk


it's for free

Yacht lectures course in Moscow

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The course consists of 4 lectures and is conducted in a lecture hall in Moscow


1 month (4 Saturdays full day)


you not only study the theory, but also meet with people with whom has yet to ply the seas in the future


suitable only for Muscovites


15 000 roubles

The nearest course of lectures:


Distance yachting course (webinars)

Яхтенные вебинары фото

consists of 25 lectures in an online format of 1.5 hours each


5 weeks (daily on weekdays)


during the lecture you can ask questions to the teacher. If you missed, you can see the lecture in the record


need a good internet channel


12 000 roubles

The nearest course of webinars:

will start on May 14

Whether need to say that going through the theory in school (either intramural or online) significantly increases your chances of successfully passing the exam, and that good knowledge of the theory will make your sailing much safer and, perhaps, one day save your life? However, this is so.When a professional teacher spoon-feed well-structured material to you, you have much more chances to understand and to remember it than with independent study. We strongly recommend you spare no time and go through the theory with the teacher. Knowing of it is really important and necessary.

It is important for us to make good sailors of you, so for those who gone through the theory (lectures or webinars) the discount for seaman practice is 300 , which is more than the cost of the theoretical course - you are in net positive both in money and knowledges

Standard price for practice

1780 €

1680 €

For those gone through the theory

1780 €

1480 €


The practice takes 2 weeks, is held in Montenegro on our yachts and consists of two parts - coastal (sailing along the Montenegro) and offshore (the passage to Italy and back). This is the most interesting stage of training.Do not worry, if a lot of time has passed between studying the theory and coming to practice, and you have forgotten partially something. The short course of the theory studied again on the yacht - the instructor will find out the gaps in your knowledges and help you to gain insight.


The exam take place on the yacht on the last day of practice and shows how you are ready to get skippers certificate and to sail independently. In all severity. We have no indulgences and freebies.



IYT BBS minimum
240 nm

We have
360 nm

The more you pass the more experience you will get and more reliably fortify your skills. Indeed, you need certificate to sail the sea, but not for "tick a box".


IYT BBS minimum
just coastal sailing

We have
coastal and offshore sailing

You will cross the Adriatic Sea - it is a priceless experience and a real sea adventure. It is worth to feel.

included in the school curriculum

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Gennaker - asymmetrical racing sail, used in regattas. No yachting school does include the training for sailing with the Gennaker in the basic course. However, how wrong. 
In our program: hoist, control, and take in the sail.


IYT BBS minimum
training with standard

We have
real preparation to future sailing adventures

As a charter company, we know everything about renting a yacht. Our base-manager will say about all the nuances of yacht charter and how to avoid problems.


We give yachts for charter, as well as regularly organize various sailing adventures and regattas, and will be happy to see our school leaver again. Therefore, it is in our interests to train you well, to trust you with one of our yachts. We take great care of them and put a lot of effort to support them in a mint condition.


We strongly recommended studying the theory BEFORE to come to practice. Yes, we have a theory taught during the practice, like others, but this is rather for the refresh the material than for mastering from scratch. You do not think that in two weeks you really will learn and remember the whole amount of information, do you? At the sea it will be necessary to develop practical skills and explore the beauties of Montenegro and Italy, but not to cram a books when watchkeeping at night.

With all over the love to Russia, the Europe and the Adriatic are not the same as the Crimea and the Black sea. You need to know more.

In theoretical sessions we study:

• Yacht arrangement
• Maritime terminology
• Nautical measurement units
• Seaworthiness performances of yachts
• Types of sails and rigging
• Sail’s construction and how sail work
• Running and standing rigging and deck equipment
• Marine and coastal navigation
• Maritime buoyage system
• Nautical charts and chartworks

• Maneuvering under sail and engine
• The theory of mooring
• Types of anchors and anchoring
• Meteorology and weather observation
• COLREG (collision regulations)
• Navigation lights and marks of vessels
• VHF radio operation
• Marine radio communication (ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore)
• Theory of tides and currents
• Actions in emergency cases

and much more. It seems complicated, but in fact, it is quite exciting.



The nearest course of lectures

registration is open



The nearest course of webinars

registration is open



we will send you a set of textbooks for self-study


During 2 weeks you will live aboard of sailing yacht. Exactly as much as suffices to refresh the theory and develop of a practical experience. In 2 weeks you will become an independent skipper.

You will study up:

• Mooring the yacht with various ways
• Working with sails and rigging
• Sailing under the engine
• Sailor's knots
• Anchoring
• Training of the "man overboard" situation
• Sailing during the daylight and night time
• Skills of approaches and maneuvers in marinas and bays
• Practical navigation
• Estimated / dead reckoning position
• Course plotting on charts

• Meteo watchings
• Safe sailing (COLREG-72)
• Radio communication with shore and ships
• Offshore passage (no shore visible)
• Crossing the state border
• Port authorities, Coast Guard
• Hoist / take in the sails single-handed
• Check in procedure of a yacht in a charter company
• Auxiliary (IT devices)
• Theory of tides and currents

this is just a short list.

"Stop, i already wanna!"

Send the request and wait for the callback. We tell more interesting than write

Your task is to prepare yourself for independent sailing. When you will go to the sea as a skipper, the instructor will not be around, ask no one, and to flip through the textbook at the helm is not convenient very much. Ask ALL of your questions during the training, put the screws to the instructor until you will turned it out - he is ready, it's his job.Even if you trick the system and pass the exam, having practical or theoretical gaps - you will not deceive the sea!



You arrive in Montenegro, come to the marina of Porto Montenegro (7 minutes by taxi from Tivat airport) and meet with the captain. From now on, you become a crewmember, and the captain is a friend, mentor and big brother to you. After the induction briefing, you accommodate on the yacht where you will live the next 2 weeks.
On a yacht can be a maximum of 6 students, you will be allocated a place in a double cabin and if you are alone, then be ready for the fact that you will have to live in one cabin with another single person. This is normal at the sea!

Управление парусной яхтой фото


Daily theoretical and practical rounds - you will get new experience and will develop practical skills. Much attention is paid to the moorings, you have to train how to moor the yacht by yourself. You will practice in navigation, plot the routes, accustom when approached to and maneuver in marinas and bays.Daily you will sail and train by sailing along the Montenegrin coast. Surely will visit the ancient town of Kotor and the fishing village of Bigova. In the daytime you will prepare meals on a yacht, in the evenings will go to delicious restaurants. For the Internet-addicted - there is free wi-fi aboard.


You will be cross the Adriatic Sea and sail to the Italian city of Bari, spend the night there and to sail back (just 240 miles). The one way passage takes from 16 to 24 hours (depends on the wind). You will split into watchkeepings and will master the sailing through the night, cross the border and get to know how to pass formalities. You have to try on all the roles in all hands - the skipper, the helmsman, the navigator, the deckhand and the cook. You will be operate the yacht, the instructor will only point out mistakes and give advice.
On the way back, the instructor will say "guys, the training lightning has struck into the yacht, the instruments do not work" and further sailing will take place without any navigational instruments, only a chart, a compass and a hand-bearing compass. This is a test of what you have studied.

Морской рассвет фото


Экзамен на яхте фото

Upon returning to Montenegro, the last day before you leave, you will have to pass exam:

  • Theory with examination cards (in writing).
  • Sailor's knots.
  • Mooring. Your task is to unmoor, vacating the berth and then approach to the berth and tie the boat by yourself. No one will be near of you aboard for safety net.

After successfully passing the exam, you become a skipper. In the head office of IYT in Canada on your name will be issued certificates Bareboat skipper and VHF operator, giving the right to rent a yacht in any seawaters worldwide and sent to you.

On Friday evening - a party! You can find entertainment for the taste of any team of skippers - bars, restaurants, discos, salsa-parties (do not drink much, in the morning the plane)! For two weeks people who studied together with you will become close friends. Do not lose their contacts - when you are gonna to the sea, you will need fellow travelers!


WITHOUT passing the theory

price "max inclusive"

1780 €

1680 €

spring discount applies

AFTER passing the theory

price "max inclusive"

1780 €

1480 €

spring discount applies

What is the "max inclusive"?

The concept of the "max inclusive" is when in the price is already included EVERYTHING!, which could have been included.

Honestly, we came up with this term in order to show in one phrase how we differ from others. Few people work the way we do.More often a situation occurs when after payment it turns out that you need to pay extra for issuing certificates, moorings, fuel, cleaning, etc. up to towels and bed linen (as in the train - "will you take a bedding?")."The yacht is not a train" - we decided, and made the final price to save you from unpleasant surprises.

What is included in the price?

• Place on the yacht (up to 6 students aboard)
 Work of a professional instructor
 Issue and delivery of the Bareboat Skipper IYT certificate*
 Issuing and delivery of the VHF Radio Operator certificate*
• Logbook
 All moorings on the entire training route
 All the fuel you will burn
 Wi-Fi aboard in Montenegro (5 Gb)
 Tourist fee of Montenegro
 Final cleaning after training
 Dinghy with outboard engine
 Fully equipped galley
 And of course bed linen and towels

* In case of the exam failure, we will refund the cost of executing certificates to you

What does NOT included in the price?

Only your individual expenses:

Fare (airplane and transfer)
 Medical insurance (must have!)
 Meals on board and shore (to stick to the estimation of 100 to 200 € per week, depends on your culinary preferences)

Risk of group shortage

If we concluded a contract with you and agreed the dates of training, then the training take place 100%. Even if the group is not full. Even if you one and only on a yacht. We will train you. The risk of shortage is our problem.

Otherwise, you know how it is when three days before departure, when tickets are already on hand - "Hallo, Ivan Ivanych, we have not full group here, we'll have to postpone the dates." No, it's not about us.


To visit Italy you need Schengen visa!We provide visa support - we will provide a set of documents for submission to the Italian Visa Center. To obtain a visa takes 5 days.

Visa support is also free of charge :)


The first step on the way to the sea


Seaman practice is conducted when our fleet is not occupied in regattas and sailing adventures.

from 17 to 31 March

from 31 March to 14 April

from 14 to 28 April

from 12 to 26 May

from 16 to 30 June

from 30 June to 14 July

from 14 to 28 July

from 18 August to 1 September

from 1 to 15 September

from 22 September to 6 October

from 6 to 20 October

from 20 October to 3 November

from 3 to 17 November

from 17 November to 1 December


You can purchase a gift certificate for training in sailing school. The best gift of your soul mate! The presenter will contact us and chose suitable dates from the training schedule.


Montenegro, Tivat, marina Porto Montenegro
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